FCB Visual Analytics

FCB Visual Analytics is an analytical cloud module that allows to integrate data from public and non-public sources and provide them in the form of graphical analytics.

Why it is easy and convenient to work with us:

  • Monthly updated analytics with no wait and no applications.
  • The integrated data from the main sources of statistics:
    • The First Credit Bureau has the most complete database of credit histories
    • Committee on Statistics of the Ministry of National Economics of the Republic of Kazakhstan
    • The National Bank of the Republic of Kazakhstan
  • Only subscription service without paying for a license.
  • A convenient form of providing analytics: graphics and tables.
  • The ability to customize data on tablets and mobile phones to the chief executive officer.

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#1CB Analytics is an analytical center of the First Credit Bureau, which processes statistical data on the retail lending market. All analytics is based on actual data provided by Kazakhstan financial institutions, which are holders of appropriate licenses.

#1CB Analytics provides reviews and market segmentation in the context of many indicators that are important in determining marketing strategies and new business models.

The cost of the package depends on the filling content. It also covers additional conditions under annual contracts.

You can consult or book research/analysis in our center by filing an application at research@1cb.kz or contact us by phone +7 (727) 300-01-72.

Contact details

On issues related to cooperation, you can contact the Department of Customer Relations.

Raikhan Latypova
Department Director

+7 727 300 01 82

Elmira Apsenbetova
Chief specialist of the Department

+7 727 300 01 79

Elmira Uaiys
Chief specialist of the Department

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Dinara Tusupova
Chief specialist of the Department

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