FCB OpRisk

Because of necessity to collect and analyze internal and external data on losses, as well as conduct scenario analysis, the FCB, with the support of Loss Data Warehouse LLP, proposed a project to create a Сonsortium for the introduction of FCB OpRisk (Interbank Operating Risk Database) for the exchange of impersonal information on the operational risks of participating banks.

The creation of a Consortium to manage the Interbank Operating Risk Database will allow to get a whole list of services, which includes the following items:

  • Standardization of the process of recording incidents/ near miss / potential and realized operational risk events. This service is provided by qualified personnel of Loss Data Warehouse LLP, and includes:
    • identification and analysis of all sources of information on operational risk events.
    • building or improving the process of recording data in the internal database of the Bank's operational risks, as well as procedures for responding to identified risks.
    • a short seminar for all participants in the incident-management process.
  • Collection and accumulation of information on damages in the Interbank Operating Risk Database.
  • Consolidation and submission of detailed reports on damages to participating banks.
  • Development of recommendations for preventing / reducing operational risks.
  • Conducting training seminars on operational risk management with the involvement of leading foreign and Kazakhstan experts (at least once a half-year - free of charge (for one employee of the Bank).
  • Provision of software. Payment is collected from the third month of using the software. Access is provided by sending an application to the First Credit Bureau for two users per one legal entity.
  • Technical support.
  • Access to the Interbank Operating Risk Database.

Contact details

On issues related to cooperation, you can contact the Department of Customer Relations.

Raikhan Latypova
Department Director

+7 727 300 01 82

Elmira Apsenbetova
Chief specialist of the Department

+7 727 300 01 79

Elmira Uaiys
Chief specialist of the Department

+7 727 300 01 60

Dinara Tusupova
Chief specialist of the Department

+7 727 300 01 57