FCB Be Score 2.0

FCB Be Score 2.0 is used to assess the creditworthiness of new / potential / existing borrowers based on the FCB's financial and credit discipline data for the past 6 months.

The report on behavioral scoring contains a quantitative assessment of the creditworthiness of the subject, calculated on the basis of the statistical scoring model of the FCB. The used variables are the data of the subject's credit history, demographic data (the share of credit card limit utilization, the number of missed payments, etc.) that are available in the credit history database of the FCB.

The scoring model is validated every six months, which allows to conduct an actual assessment of the borrower's creditworthiness in the lending market. The joint use of the behavioral scoring of the FCB and the own scoring of the bank / credit organization allows to build a matrix, which gives the most effective and the most accurate risk assessment in the decision-making process.

Behavioral scoring allows to predict whether the client will be a «good» or «bad» borrower, and also calculate the probability of default within one year.

GINI - 68%

High predictable power

More than 40 credit organizations

Use Be Score in the Kazakhstan

Areas of application:

  • Calculation of the risk premium and differentiation of interest rate;
  • Calculation of provisions;
  • Segmentation of borrowers and cross-selling of loan products;
  • Benchmarking of the work of departments for attracting borrowers;
  • Bankmarking of the loan portfolio of the bank, relative to the entire banking market;

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